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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 24, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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schools that aren't traditional powers, the excitement really turns up when the stars align and the window to win a championship opens up... at coconut creek high school near fort lauderdale, they feel their time is now... the cou have three u.s. army all-americans on their roster: defensive back trayvon (tray-von) mullen... wide receiver benjamin victor... and safety malek (muh-leek) young... malek 57:37 - it was awesome. saw 3 in one game, that was cool, never saw that before. bin 40:27 - it's pretty good. three teammate going to same game. going to be a fun experience before we go off to college. tray 49:02 - it was a big deal, very excited, made the decision to play with each other, not knowing if we're going to same college. this season presents a rare opportunity for coconut creek, as the program hasn't always been this strong... when head coach kareem reid took over two years ago, it was a team searching for talent and an identity. coach 2:34 - when i first got here, it was a program that needed complete rebuilding, rebranded. uniforms, logos, football 101. haven't been
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coached, how to compete, basically an expansion program. i wanted to be a program that i guess is hip and is attractive to kids. coach reid has certainly accomplished that... he now has practices full of athletes who want to win, including his all-american trio... trayvon is a freak athlete at six-foot-two... he's one of the nation's best defensive backs and can also make plays at wide receiver. coach 5:20 - trayvon is a long athletic kid that can run with anybody, which is a premium at all levels of football. highly coveted for those attritubtes... we use him in all three phases because he's elite. trayvon 51:27 - strong athlete, i play hard. if i make a mistake, i'm gonna do better. i feel like at the end of the day, i want to win the game, going to do what i want to do to win the game. benjamin stands at six-foot-four... that height combined with his skills at receiver make him a quarterback's dream. coach 6:24 - bin great ball schools, great
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route running, fast, competes every day. loves the game, works at his craft. bin 41:34 - rangy receiver, use my route running, my height. 41:52 - attacking the ball is my strongest attribute. comes naturally. malek (muh-leek), meanwhile, excels as a safety, but he does a little bit of everything... coach 6:00 - malek is like our swiss army knife. jack of all trades, super athletic, high iq. can play anywhere you put him. malek 59:52- i'm very explosive. aggressive at the line when i play corner. i like to use my hands. under coach reid's leadersip, these three stars have learned that using their talent isn't enough... they have to lift everyone around them if they want to win. coach 8:55 - they all fill a void for us in the leadership capacity. they all do a good job. leaders multiply. touch others. don't just be a me guy. bring somebody else up, so they've brought
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others up. it's been a while since coconut creek experienced any postseason success... the team is just taking things one game at a time, but make no mistake about it: their goals are sky high: bin 40:52 - i feel confident this year, we want to make it happen, go to state and win it. wanna push our team and make each other better. coach 6:58 - it is a rare, it's something we have to seize the moment. as a coach we have to maximize every practice to get the most out of the team this year. we may never have this opportunity again where all the stars align. as far as the future goes.... malek (muh-leek) is verbally committed to georgia... trayvon and ben, meanwhile, both have long lists of offers that they probably won't trim down until the season is over. after they play what will likely be their final game as teammates at the army game, coach sees bright futures in the game for all three... coach 9:30 - i'm excited for him. i don't think they realize how good they could be, i don't think they realize what is in front of them, not only on the field but
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off the field. once they get to college and everything comes together... they can make millions of dollars. i've coached nfl guys before, and they're farther along. barring injuries, i think they'll be on sundays. we have another break... we'll head to the volleyball court when we return... (break two) this
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week's national life group lifechanger of the year nominee is tollis bond, a kindergarten teacher at northwest elementary in chatsworth, georgia.... she's known for going above and beyond her duties as a teacher to help her students... as she cares about them as people, not just i have seen her help families, get water running. she contacts organizations to adopt children at christmas time. she doesn't just think about her classroom but everyone in this building. tollis: i want to help them not just academically, but in other ways. the way you treat
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people, how you act. mannerisms. she also organizes several fund raising events, as well as a career fair at the school to inspire her young students to consider different careers. i try to get volunteers from all sorts of careers in community service because you never know what a child is thinking at that age like i was at 7 when i wanted to be a teacher, but you can inspire them to think maybe this is something i want to do. congratulations to tollis bond, this week's life changer of the year nominee... to nominate your own life changer, go to lifechanger of the let's go to colorado now, where joe mccann introduces us to one of the nation's best volleyball players... one of the most successful volleyball programs in the country in the past couple years has been been lewis palmer in monument colorado... they've won two straight state championships and were named national champions by maxpreps in 2014... they've had quite a few talented players, but the heart and soul of the team the
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previous two seasons has been setter mariah evans. mariah 33:01 - i absolutely love it... i came to lewis palmer. i knew some girls who play there. it's such a family environment. so much tradition there. lewis palmer's been around for a long time. i came in as a sophomore winning state. we won state last two years, undefeated. earned maxpreps national title. it's so fun. my coach is incredible. it's fun playing with girls i played with at club. love each other, get along so well. while she's had a lot of success at lewis palmer, mariah got her start with her club team, the colorado juniors, when she was seven years old... she started playing because her older sister, morgan, who is now at the university of colorado at colorado springs was playing... their mom jennifer was a volleyball coach, the girls were just naturally drawn to it. mom 45:24 - i think we'd play when they were little, they were two or three. they loved it. my older daughter loved it. they had fun. something they always did together. they both wanted to play. if you love volleyball, colorado juniors is a great place to be... the program has been around for 16 years and has seen quite a handful of all-americans and even some olympians, but the stat they're most proud of: out of 329 girls who've stuck with the program through high school, all 329
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have earned college scholarships... every single one. bill 55:15 - started club with idea in mind for kids to get scholarships go to college 00:09 - help kids have a choice, being from small town in colorado, now they have choices. joe standup - the walls of the juniors facility is lined with posters, jerseys, trophies and pictures honoring past great players and teams. they're also lined with these pads. and that is because of mariah. mariah 31:15 - when they weren't here, there's just concrete. i think i was 11, i was playing a ball went off and i ran as hard as i could, and i dove into the cement wall. (shot of wall bump)
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sherri 40:55 - she will go through the wall if you ask her to. if there's an errant pass, it doesn't matter who's there or what's there, she'll do what she has to. but that devotion and hustle is indicative of how mariah plays: 100 percent all the time. mom 47:00 - she's very intense. every ball is very important. she doesn't want any ball to ever drop. she plays at that intensity. some of her teammates like it, sometimes they're like whoa. mariah's leadership once again has lewis palmer as one of the best teams in colorado... for the next four years, she'll hope to have similar success at the university of north carolina. mariah 35:31 - the environment, a ton of sports there that are incredible, tradition of excellence. 36:20 - i'd love to go, continue play at nc, win titles, hopefully, i would love to be an all-american there. one
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of my ultimate goals, after unc, i'd like to play professionally in europe. sherri 43:03 - i think she'll go as far as anybody will let her. she's going to fight for a starting position at unc, and if her career and body allows her to go further, break barriers. mariah may very well have her name or jersey up one of these walls soon enough... but her hustle and leadership will always be remembered on this wall... in colorado springs, colorado, i'm joe mccann. thanks joe... we'll take our last break... be sure to come back to see our latest viewer highlight tape. (break
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three) our youth dream of being here on the show one day. and mom is their number one fan. sports mom is here to help all the moms out there find the
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right equipment and deals. here's sports mom with this week's tips. hi everyone i'm chris huston and i'm a sports mom. now that school and the fall sports season are in full swing, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed in keeping all the kids schedules straight. if you don't already have a calendar on the fridge, now is a good time to get one. there are also some great organizational apps you can put on your phone to help keep everything organized. but aside from scheduling all the games and practices, there are other things to keep in mind while organized your family's busy schedule. 1. schedule lessons for every second week rather than weekly. give your child the free day to practice or as playtime 2. set up a carpooling arrangement so siblings aren't spending their precious time at another child's activity 3. be mindful that activities might push back your child's bedtime. so try to keep bedtime as normal as possible. the most important thing to remember is to make sure you keep a regular routine
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that puts family time at the top of the list. for other great tips on staying organized including our top 5 sports apps list, go to our website. you can also follow us on facebook, twitter and youtube. i'm chris huston, a proud sports mom, we hope you'll join the conversation this last segment is always reserved for a highlight tape sent in by a viewer... this week, we heard from deandre (de-on-drey) winter, a junior at homestead high school in florida. at six-foot-two and 185 pounds, de-andre can put a hand down and rush the passer at defensive end... or stand up and drop into coverage at linebacker... either way, he's a valuable weapon off the edge for the homestead defense, and he may be a player to remember in the 2017 class... if you'd like to be on the show, send us your highlights... go to facebook-dot-com, slash - sports stars of tomorrow - and post a link to your highlight video that's all for today's show...
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thanks for being here... for the crew behind the scenes, i'm charles davis... we'll see you next time.
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whoo! i mean, whoo. we may have lost steve jobs, but do not worry, world, ladies and gentlemen, introducing fri. >> with an "i." >> what if the fast food industry advertised like apple? the thing about the fri is it
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does come with ingenious apps. >> an all-permeating substance called smart grease. it allows the user to know where fri is and where it has been. >> and where it's going -- on my hips. >> there's more. introducing nugget. the incredible thing about nugget is intechnology. when you look at nugget, you see the breading outside. that was intentional. we have refined and refined and refined basic ingredients. >> the sound and feel of those mac ads are so ingrained. >> the sesame seeds on the bun are there because we put them there.
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this is without a doubt the encounter that you hope for when you're driving in the ocean. >> those are actually spear fish. they're looking for a delicious meal. >> they got an amazing visit while they were down there. a mama humpback whale with her baby. >> the baby got very curious and swam over to these divers, giving them one heck of a video. >> you were saying spear fishing. does that mean they're free diving? >> they're free diving, yes. they dive down on one breath and encounter this, which probably took that breath away. >> right, natural curiosity, as well as that little one coming up. they're not wearing the scuba gear, it looks like another being in the ocean. >> that is the cutest animal i've seen all day. >> they said they put their spears back on the boat and
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stayed in the water at a safe distance from these mammals. the baby is like, i've got to see what that is, mom. >> so beautiful. >> they make it up to the surface when the little whale comes up to take a breath. >> woo-hoo! that's awesome. that's the actually use of the word "awesome." that is actually an awesome sight to see, underwater. >> my god, amazing. one heck of a once in a lifetime experience. a prankster is having some fun with his parents. then a phone call changes everything. >> i have a thing going on and i'm pregnant. >> oh, my god, you drop that news like that? >> why this joke is about to get uncomfortable. going to start
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doing some uncomfortable questioning of the parents. but after he questions, the video changes. >> sorry, america. >> he's back to call mom. >> good, how are you? >> i'm fine. >> i don't know how i'm supposed to say this. but we have a thing going on and i'm pregnant. >> oh, my god, you just dropped that news like that? >> and she's doing it well. the voice is waivering. >> i told me i'm on my own and eng left. i don't know what i'm supposed to do. what should i do? >> and handle she does. >> nobody wants that look from mom.
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she starts going off. mom is having a go. keep an eye on that face. oh, no! [ yelling ] >> dad just doesn't know what to say at this point. >> mom slams the door, you don't believe anything. what's really going on, it's ironic. they reveal what's really going on. the relief on dad's face is palpable, but mom is still in the other room. >> she doesn't want him anywhere near her.
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[ screaming ] >> i told her. i'll show you the footage. >> this is the worst thing. >> she's going to be disowned. >> the worst thing she says is -- >> no more videos? >> no more, no more videos, see you later. all right, everyone. thanks for hanging out with us today. see you on the next "right t
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♪ we are fox sports ♪ >> the rolls reversed. instead of usc fighting for another national title. the trojans play the role of spoilers. unbeaten and third ranked utah visits l.a. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hi, devontae booker leads the nation with 161


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